A one-hour musical journey/ heart-opening sing-along that blends lyrics with call and response chanting inspired by the bhakti tradition of India, led by Tara and her band. The audience can sit on pillows on the floor or on chairs, and participate fully or just relax and listen. Perfect for yoga studios, festivals, art galleries, museums, parties, and whatever other event you can conjure up. For more info contact

Guided MANTRA Meditation

Private, one-on-one sessions to help you cultivate a meaningful sadhna (morning/ evening sit). Discover a mantra that feels aligned for you and co-create a safe container to expand on your spiritual path. Learn how to include tantric practices, beauty, art, and the divine feminine in your daily contemplation. These sessions are good for strengthening the energy body, which is important for a healthy immune system, buffering EMF/ radiation from screens, processing/ digesting emotional experiences more easily, and increasing life force and longevity. To schedule a session contact


Choose from 4 types of intuitive readings:

1) Pagan- Using a Druid/ Celtic deck (Druid Craft) we focus on pagan symbolism, nature, the four elements, the divine feminine, and numerology. There’s an underlying theme of reclaiming the wildish nature. This reading is best for those who want to ground/ simplify their spiritual path with easy, clear symbols.

2) Tantra Inspired- Using a tantric deity deck (Sacred Mysteries Oracle) the focus is on gods and goddesses of ancient India and energy centers in the body. Different qualities of the deities can be contemplated, activated and embodied. This reading is best for those who wish to expand via esoteric/ occult knowledge/ mysticism. Guided mantra can be included if you desire.

3) Meditation- Using a Mudra oracle deck (Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body) focus is on practical routines you can commit to daily to begin or deepen your meditation practice. This reading presents individually tailored instructions and hand gestures shown to affect energy in the body in different ways. Guided mantra can be included if you desire. This is best for those who wish to activate their path w/ prescribed practices.

4) Moon Phase- this is based on different phases of the moon and generally reveals very aligned information, as intuitive energy is heightened especially during a new moon or full moon.

Fee is sliding scale/ pay what you can.
If you’d like to schedule a reading contact:


Beginner guitar lessons specializing in finger picking, easy chords, playing music intuitively or as meditation, and songwriting/ musical creativity/ improvisation.