Discerning Illusions in the Spiritual World

Discernment on the spiritual path is different than judgment. Judgment is a reaction or belief about something external. Discernment takes stock of the external thing and sees how it assimilates internally- it’s experiential. It asks, “Is this true for me, given my experience?” Judgment detaches us coldly & closes our hearts. Discernment lets us detach … Continue reading Discerning Illusions in the Spiritual World

A Mantra to Beat Winter Blues

Experience has shown me it’s possible to transform ‘cold’ emotions into warmer ones by chanting and contemplating the Gayatri mantra. Chanted over 3,000 years ago, the Gayatri is a primal and ancient poem to the sun. Chanting it today is a powerful way to remember that we’re plugged into something much more real than our … Continue reading A Mantra to Beat Winter Blues

Chanting & Altered States

Asheville...driving in the car windows rolled down, breeze blowing, radio off. Mountain air. Energy. Pulsating. Blue sky. Clear mind. No-thought. No time. Boundless. Centered. Just the moment. Chanting. This was one of my earliest experiences of bhakti yoga- each month I'd immerse myself in 3 days of group chanting to my teacher’s guitar sing along … Continue reading Chanting & Altered States